Mystical Perfection, Sumela Monastery

Get ready to make a new discovery in every turn of your way, monuments steeped in history, wisdom and mystery alongside gorgeous frescoes, which were in three layers, all of which belong to different periods dating from 18th century, on the walls of the monastery… Situated in an unrivaled and natural setting on the slopes of the mountains with its breath-taking environment, spectacular rock-hewn Sumela Monastery has been listed on UNESCO’S Temporary World Heritage Sites. It’s a widely known fact that Sumela Monastery was built in the honors of Virgin Mary, so frescoes illustrated on the walls are generally concerning with Virgin Mary, Christian and Biblical scenes like in Rock Church fresco. With plenty of dominant species Altindere National Park and full of green villages Zigana Mountain will be perfect destinations to get some fresh air in your lungs and go on a huge adventure. To evoke a sense of our nostalgia you will taste our local dessert ‘Hamsikoy Sutlac’. One of the most important landmarks of the city Karaca Cave will inspire you with its natural beauty and formations.