Heaven Tastes Of Gaziantep

Seduce your senses during an intimate trip to Gaziantep that is magnificent stop of historical Silk Road, bearing the traces of incredible traditions, and a stunning history. With traditional tastes this trade center’s cuisine added to UNESCO list in the gastronomy category. Gaziantep is a perfect city for introducing you with Turkish cuisine that reflect the diverse tastes of entire world especially with the dishes where Anatolian, Middle Eastern and Mediterranean flavors come together. Inviting you to taste the local dishes that served in the bighearted traditional restaurants to present the secrets of palatability. The delicious sweet ‘Baklava’ and tasteful ‘Kebap’ are originated in this fabulous city to enrich itself with such kind of charms. Our visit will begin with Historical Antep Houses which are found in the old town, known to have tall exterior walls and beautiful hall architecture and pools in the hall and  for taking you to another atmosphere, Copper Market which has been maintaining the copper work for 5 centuries. We will continue to explore other beauties with the biggest mosaic Museum in the World Zeugma Mosaic Museum which includes Roman mosaics and archeological remains found in the area. As optional, we continue explore the history with Tarihi Gumruk Han. Afterwards, Gaziantep Castle which first built by the Hittite Empire as an observation point and then built into a main castle by the Roman Empire and Zincirli Bedestan which is a traditional bazaar in the center of the city.