Divine Relishes of Hatay

The blend of many civilizations, Hatay has been a big treasure of history and a center of various cultures with old city houses, built with limestone and mosques, churches and synagogues. Our tour is starting with The St. Pierre Church (Saint Peter) which was one of the 12 apostles of Christ while came to Antioch to spread Christianity and especially was the setting of the very first religious gathering place. The voyage to the history goes on with Iron door and then The Habib Neccar Mosque with magnificent Ottoman period features. Another invitation to experience immersive marks with The Antakya Archeology Museum which displays one of the world’s largest mosaic collections. After all, we continue our tour stopping by enjoying our palates by tasting traditional dishes that create delicious flavors with local restaurants look outwardly appealing and interesting streets food. This gourmet capital city is notable for its legendary flavors and various kinds of dishes that amaze you profoundly.