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Dear ILKE,
I will thank you for the rest of my life all you did to my sister and her Family! They loved each second of the trip; they loved the restaurant of New Year’s Eve, the guide, all of it! Thank you very very much for all! Hopefully we will have more business for 2014!
Warmest regards, Priscila

Hi Oguzhan,
I'm writing to you this email because we wanted to thank you for arranging our honeymoon we are very happy with the complete experience, it was a very good one, you were very very helpful at all times and everything turn out to be perfect during our stay on Turkey. Also we wanted to tell you that our guides were very good at there job, they were very nice to us and helpful.
Again thank you so much,
Sandra & Harbir


Dear Unsal;
Thanks again Sultan Unsal for being such a good sport about our photo excursion and for working so hard to plan and coordinate our wonderful trip. We are so sad to be leaving tomorrow, when we have so much more exploring in Istanbul we'd love to do. I guess we will just have to come back and have you plan another trip for us. We thought you might like a shot of just the Sultan to hang at your office!
Pamela, Patricia and Nanci

Hi Ilke,
What a wonderful time we had on our trip last week!
Matiana did an excellent job all around, thank you for taking such good care of us. We loved all the guides, especially Zole, who did a fantastic job showing us Istanbul.
Turkey is a beautiful country -- we'll be back!
Claire, Gerry, Sam, and Ellie Werner


Hi Abraham,
We loved every minute with you and you made our stay so much fun!! We learned a great deal from you and the girls will remember it all too. You made it so understandable for young children. They have been writing everything they learned and all about you in their new journals!!
Thank you SO much for everything!!! We loved meeting you and so appreciate everything. We will tell our friends at home to request you when they come!! You are the best!!
Many many thanks again all your team.
Alexia Ryan.

Dear Matiana Management
We are on our way back home and felt like we could not leave Istanbul without sending an email to let you know what an amazing and unforgettable vacation Matiana has given us.
First and foremost, Ozy has been the reason why we chose Matiana. His promptness in replying back to our emails and his readiness to get us the best value for our money is certainly something that should be mentioned. We have had other offers from 2 agencies but chose Matiana even though it was slightly higher in price because of the reassurance that we felt from Ozy. So a big thank you has to go to him.
Upon our arrival and departure as well as throughout the 2 weeks we spent in Turkey, Ilke has never fallen short in responding to our messages and queries even at 5am!! He has been extremely attentive to all of our needs and took immediate action to avoid any delays in our transportation.
Our tour guide in Istanbul, ibo, and our driver, Hakan, made us feel right at home! It was really customer service at its best, going out the extra mile at all times just to make us happy!
In all honesty, we are truly amazed at the team members working in Matiana because of their passion for their work, commitment and loyalty for the company. It is truly amazing.
Of course, kempinksi and mandarin oriental were the best. We certainly recommend if Your company can make deals with these hotels for spa packages at a lower price especially for Matiana clients. Museum hotel was simply magical and the breakfast food was by far the freshest we have ever eaten! We certainly look forward to visiting museum hotel again in the winter season and trying a different suite.
A quick note for your reference for future clients (of course this is in no way Critisim on Matiana but suggestions for improvement). Mardan palace, as Ozy had already warned us, was a huge disappointment! Please warn your guests from going there. The food was terrible and dirty and the service was 3 star level. We already informed Ilke about this and he took needed action.
Thank you all again for one of our best vacations and we look forward to traveling with Matiana to Africa and to Greece over the next months after the birth of our baby.
Jaber and Fatima


Dear Susan
I have been meaning to write to you since we returned from our vacation in Turkey and Greece. Bill and I had a wonderful time! We attribute much of that to the great guides and drivers that you arranged for us. Abraham was so personable, helpful, and interesting. The driver had a spotless, new suv that easily negotiated all the twist and turns in Istanbul's old quarter. In Athens, Contoya was an expert on the Acropolis and Greek history. Like Abraham, she was easy to communicate with and very nice. Likewise her driver and his immaculate town car. Ironically, our room at the O&B Boutique Hotel had a perfect view of the Acropolis. Very dramatic- especially at night.
Fortunately, we had near perfect weather which always helps. I would have liked to have spent more time soaking up the culture in Istanbul but maybe another time.
I look forward to using your services in the future.
Thanks again,
Jean and Bill

Dear Matiana team,
Greetings from Argentina. Back at home, at my desk… I wanted to send you a special "thank you" for everybody at the team. Please extend this email to the entire office!
The trip was absolutely outstanding and completely exceeded everybody's expectations. You've done such an amazing job, taking care of every detail, pampering with lots surprises and gifts every night, choosing the best itinerary and showing the most important sites. Emre and his impeccable spanish was the best guide. Very patient, full of information and open to talk and answer every question.
They loved the selection of hotels you've chosen for and every venue for the meals. Every lunch or dinner they were saying "this is the best meal so far". :)
Your warmth and hospitality will never be forgotten by this group.
Thank you once again for everybody.
Speak soon!


Hi Abraham,
We loved every minute with you and you made our stay so much fun!! We learned a great deal from you and the girls will remember it all too. You made it so understandable for young children. They have been writing everything they learned and all about you in their new journals!!
Thank you SO much for everything!!! We loved meeting you and so appreciate everything. We will tell our friends at home to request you when they come!! You are the best!!
Many many thanks again all your team.
Alexia Ryan.

Good morning Mr. Ilke,
I want to, by this way, thank you all the attention and kindness that Matiana Travel staff was with me and my family on the recent trip we made to Turkey. You have a wonderful country, and this is expressed, both in the natural as a human, from Cappadocia to Istanbul, places this time we visited, we had thousands of experiences and indescribable sensations.
I want to thank promptly Emre, our guide, who during those days became more than a guide, a friend. Our sincere thanks to him for carrying us to discover many wonderful places and pamper us in every detail. Emre thank you very much, we hope to see you again. In Caracas, you have friends!
I would also stress the fleet of vehicles with which we were transported, both drivers as the same vehicles, are super. Our thanks to the drivers because at any point in the journey we are uncomfortable and did our very pleasant tours. You have "wi-fi" in vehicles, for us, was really important and you also made that possible. Thank you.
I want to thank Finally, but not least, Ozge, who accompanied us since our first trip ideas, until the last moment, allowing us to have a trip completely fluid and smooth. Ozge, thank you very much for your support!
I want to finally thank for the gift that I had the last day, the Paşabahçe's piece, will be in our home as a souvenir of this great journey.
We hope to come back very soon to Turkey and to be with Matiana Travel.
June 2015


Hi Ilke,
What a wonderful time we had on our trip last week!
Matiana did an excellent job all around, thank you for taking such good care of us. We loved all the guides, especially Zole, who did a fantastic job showing us Istanbul.
Turkey is a beautiful country -- we'll be back!
Claire, Gerry, Sam, and Ellie Werner - May 2015


Dear ILKE,
It was a pleasure meeting you if even briefly, and thanks for your beautiful gift. It will remind us of our wonderful trip to Turkey.
Your people were excellent and brought your amazing country alive for us. From the first moment we were greeted until our final farewell we felt completely at ease.
The guides, Adem, Tayfun and Ibo, all tailored our days to our tastes so that we have been left with a much better understanding of the food, culture, history and the generous spirit of your amazing country.
Thanks so much
Mr. Klassen - April – 2015


Dear ILKE,
I will thank you for the rest of my life all you did to my sister and her Family! They loved each second of the trip; they loved the restaurant of New Year’s Eve, the guide, all of it! Thank you very very much for all! Hopefully we will have more business for 2014!
Warmest regards, Priscila - June 2014

HI Oguzhan,
I am writing to you to tell you that my guests just loved your services. Thank you so very much for taking very good care of them. They loved Turkey and Matiana’s service.
Warm regards, Juliana - Feb. 2014


Hello ‎Unsal,
We had an excellent visit to Istanbul. Everything was perfect. Your guide was excellent as well as the rest of the services. Unfortunately it must come to an end.
Thanks, Robb - March 2014

Dear Ilke,
Flavia and I would like to thank you and the Matiana team for the extremely pleasant stay in Istanbul and Cappadocia. We were expecting a really good experience in both cities, but our guides Andre (Cappadocia) and Ibo (Istanbul) made it even more fantastic. In addition, I would like to say a especial "thank you" for Ibo that is an outstanding guide and made us fell like at home in Istanbul. I will definitely recommend Matiana to all my friends and hope to see you again soon.
Best regards Rodolfo and Flavia - April 2014


Hi Unsal,
My clients are back in Australia and had an amazing time thanks to the great trip organised through you and Matiana. A big thank you for all your help and I am sure we will be in touch again soon.
J Kind regards Sheila (An agent) - June 2014

Dear Ilke and Ozzy,
I hope you had a great weekend. I had a such great feed back from Mrs. Fabrizzia, Mrs. Maria and Mr. Gabriel. I would like to say how wonderfull is to work with you.
Thank you Ozzi,
Ilke and all Matiana's team!
All the best for all of you.
Warm Regards, Perola - May 2014


Hi Unsal,
My clients are back in Australia and had an amazing time thanks to the great trip organised through you and Matiana. A big thank you for all your help and I am sure we will be in touch again soon.
J Kind regards Sheila (An agent) - June 2014

Hi Oguzhan,
I'm writing to you this email because we wanted to thank you for arranging our honeymoon we are very happy with the complete experience, it was a very good one, you were very very helpful at all times and everything turn out to be perfect during our stay on Turkey. Also we wanted to tell you that our guides were very good at there job, they were very nice to us and helpful. Ilker Bas was very nice and welcoming when we were in Istabul he has a lot of patience with our jetlag :), Emre was also very nice while our stay in Istabul and also the fact that he knows to speak spanish was a plus as that is our native language and finally Dicle Gundem she and our driver while we were at Kusadasi were the nicest people, Dicle have a great English and have great amounts of knowledge we learn a lot from her.
Again thank you so much,
Sandra & Harbir - June 2014


I used your services and they were outstanding. Unsal was an extraordinary help to me.
Many thanks.
Alice C - July 2014

Dear Ozge,
many thanks.
I would like to thank you very much for your kind assistance during the stay of my clients, you made the difference! I feel very confident with the quality of your work.
Regards Claudia - Aug. 2014


Dear Ilke,
We had a fabulous holiday in Turkey, such a varied and interesting place with culture, history, great food, good wine and lovely people. I would definitely recommend it as a destination as well as the services of Matiana. The tours and activities you suggested really gave us a chance to experience the best of the places we visited. Appreciated the restaurant recommendations in Istanbul too, we enjoyed dining at Topaz, 360 and Sunset and we also enjoyed exploring round Sishane for more casual dining.
Overall Matiana were excellent and one small thing we liked was that when we arrived at both Istanbul and Cappadocia we received a call while in the car from the airport from either yourself or the guide to welcome us and tell us exactly what was happening. Guides and drivers were always on time, no problems with any of the bookings made and the cars/drivers/guides were all of a high standard. We spent quite a bit of time with both Ibrahim in Istanbul and Emre in Cappadocia and they were excellent, knowledgeable, interesting and happy to be flexible with our time.
I think that is it, please let me know if you need anything else. Thanks again for helping us to have such a great experience in Turkey.
Allison & Carlyon - Sept. 2014

Dear Ilke,
I am writing to you to thank you very much for your attention towards our clients, they liked you very much. Thank you for your help with the AF tickets and for greeting them on arrival and being in contact with them. They were a bit insecure with the situation of AF strike and with the war going on on the borders of Turkey, so this contact was very important for them. On my behalf please thank Ozy and all your team for the wonderful work, Olga and Claudia came back happy with the trip.
Wish you a lovely weekend.
Helyana (An agent) - Oct. 2014


Dear Ilke,
We wanted to write a note of our appreciation for the guiding efforts of Ali and Ibo. We spent a day with each and they were both terrific - each well-matched to their setting. Ali's sense of history and insight brought Cappadocia alive for us and Ibrahim's savvy good-humored sense of Istanbul made for a terrific day tour.
Thanks very much to both of them. We will pass on the word about Matiana and these guides to others we know.
Best Pat and Jim - Nov. 2014

Dear Ilke,
Flavia and I would like to thank you and the Matiana team for the extremely pleasant stay in Istanbul and Cappadocia. We were expecting a really good experience in both cities, but our guides Andre (Cappadocia) and Ibo (Istanbul) made it even more fantastic. In addition, I would like to say a especial "thank you" for Ibo that is an outstanding guide and made us feel like at home in Istanbul.
I will definitely recommend Matiana to all my friends and hope to see you again soon.
Rodolfo and Flavia – April 2014


Dear Ozi, I´m glad to send you the feedback from MR Barreto´s family. They had enjoyed their stay in Turkey and loved the services. They have asked to say thanks again to Adem and Deniz. They said that it was the best services they ever have. We do appreciate all! Congratulations to all Matiana team!
Luciana – February 2013

Dear Unsal;
Thanks again Sultan Unsal for being such a good sport about our photo excursion and for working so hard to plan and coordinate our wonderful trip. We are so sad to be leaving tomorrow, when we have so much more exploring in Istanbul we'd love to do. I guess we will just have to come back and have you plan another trip for us. We thought you might like a shot of just the Sultan to hang at your office!
Pamela, Patricia and Nanci – July 2013

Dear Ufuk;
Thank you!...
We had a wonderful time in Turkey and won't hesitate to recommend Matiana to anyone we know. Our guide and driver were excellent and we really appreciate everyone's help in making this such a great trip.
Kim – July 2013

Dear Mr. Bozkurt,
Thank you. We have been very pleased with the wonderful service so far. Unsal has been an absolute delight to work with since my very first email. He has coordinated everything to perfection. We very much enjoyed our time with Gokce too. She made our two days with her very interesting and enjoyable. The driver was also very nice. We are looking forward to Cappadocia. You have a first rate team and company.
Best Regards,
Pamela - July 2013


Hello Unsal,
We had an excellent visit to Istanbul. Everything was perfect. Your guide was excellent as well as the rest of the services.
Robb - September 2013

Hi, Ilke!
Every part of our tour was incredible. More than amazing places, the feeling that Turkey and Brazil are friends is unforgettable. I'll be back soon in Turkey!
Thanks again!
Ana Paula October 2013


Dear Mr Ugural
Thankyou for your email of 25 September when we were in Urgup on our tour with Matiana. We wish to commend the excellent service provided by our guide Emre and driver Taner throughout our tour. Emre was knowledgeable and he wanted to show us the interesting local food dishes which are a major reason for our trip to Turkey. He is a true professional. Taner was an excellent driver, skillful and always giving the passenger a sense of confidence in safety. Together Emre and Taner provided us with an enjoyable and memorable experienced. Please convey our thanks to them.
Bruce and Karen McAsey October 2013

Dear Mr. Gokdeniz;
We have just had 5 nights with your guide Adem and a driver and we wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed our time with Adem. We have had extensive experience with guides and he was one of the best - knowledgeable, relaxed very helpful and with a lovely personality. The Cappadocia area is absolutely wonderful and it was great to be taken to all the sights with such an excellent guide. Thank you. Kind regards
Helen and Bill Cunningham October 2014


Dear Ilke,
I will thank you for the rest of my life all you did to my sister and her Family! They loved each second of the trip; they loved the restaurant of New Year s Eve, the guide, all of it! Thank you very very much for the fascinating job of Matiana Team! Warmest regards,
Priscila January - 2014

Thank you.
We had a wonderful time in Turkey and won't hesitate to recommend Matiana to anyone we know. Our guide and driver were excellent and we really appreciate everyone's help in making this such a great trip.
Kim Smyth – July 2013

Dear Mr. Bozkurt,
Thank you. We have been very pleased with the wonderful service so far. Unsal has been an absolute delight to work with since my very first email. He has coordinated everything to perfection. We very much enjoyed our time with Gokce too. She made our two days with her very interesting and enjoyable. The driver was also very nice. We are looking forward to Cappadocia.
You have a first rate team and company.
Pamela Solvang – July 2013


Thank you very much for the trip to Turkey. Everything went very well, the hotels were good, the guides excellent, transfers all on time etc. The programme worked very well for the time we had.
We enjoyed Turkey very much. If you would like any further information I would be pleased to add to this.
Thanks to you both
Sheryl Baines – June 2013



Hi Ozge;
What a delightful stay we have had at the Museum Hotel. It is truly remarkable and our tours, including the hot air balloon flight and meals at the Museum Hotel have been fantastic. So thanks so much. Also our rooms at the hotel are splendid.
Ali was a fabulous guide over the last few days. He has helped so much to make our stay pleasurable and informative.
Best regards
Garry Besson – May 2013


Dear Matiana's Team
I am also very happy that your work was successful.
My boss and family are very happy, and the balloon flight is on my list of next trip as he told me it was wonderful.
Many thanks and congratulations for the great job done.
With my kindness regards,
Capt Alexandre Israel – May 2013


We had a wonderful time in Turkey and everything worked out perfectly.
Thank you for all of your help.
Barbara Binder – March 2013

Dear Oguzhan,
I hope you are well.
Our group is back in Australia back safe and sound.
They really enjoyed their tour and the services you organized, thank you for your thorough planning and preparation. They were very happy with the hotels and their guide.
Please also thank the guide, Onder, for the excellent service he provided.
Thanks to all your team.
Kind regards,
Till Russell April 2013




“Dear Fofo,we just arrived form our trip.. I would like to thank you and all your staff for the attention. It was perfect!! When you come to Brazil, please let me Know..
Best regards,”
Bruno – September’12

“Dear Yelda, Firstly, thank you and all the management and staff of Matiana for our fabulous holiday and our wonderful, well informed guides and drivers for the patience with which they have made our stay in your beautiful country really special.
Bonnie – Sept. 2012”


Hi Ufuk, I just want to thank all Matiana group for the organization of this trip. Everything worked perfectly, from the hotels, restaurants, drivers, guides and all the places visited. Special thanks to Oguzhan and Ilke! We had a great time in Turkey and everything worked perfectly. We will highly recommend our friends for doing such trip! ”
Best Regards
Marcelo and Marina from Brazil


Dear Matiana Team! We are back home amazed with the unforgetable and suprising experience you offered us in Turkey! Every detail, every special day full of activities and the care you had with us is something rare to find anyplace nowadays! We simply loved all of you! We want you to know that you made a big difference in our lives and we will be always grateful for that. Matiana and Turkey will be always onething for us and we hope and will make all efforts to give back many times the kindness and compromise you gave us with great business!
A Travel Agent from BRAZIL .


What an incredible vacation we had in Greece and Turkey, thanks to your attention to detail and perfect planning! We truly enjoyed each segment of our trip, beginning in Athens with Elisabeth as our bright, charming and personable guide. In Santorini, I would recommend you only send your clients to the amazing Andronis Luxury Suites! Each staff member was so charming and attentive. Santorini has to be one of the most beautiful places in the world!
I was giddy with excitement when we landed in Istanbul. What an amazing city. We loved the history, the sites, the food, the hotel, our guide Volkan, and our sweet driver. The staff at the very chic House Hotel were helpful, especially a young man named Metín, who was particularly personable.
Cappadocia is truly a special place, as is the Museum Hotel. Wow. Truly magical and quite unbelievable. Alí, our guide, was quite impressive. He was mild-mannered, intelligent, professional. We cannot imagine a better guide for the region; we could feel Alí's connection and warm feelings toward Cappadocia. And, you were right! The balloon ride was incredible!!! Definitely a highlight of the trip! We had such a fun "conductor" and nice group of people. What a fun, fun way to start the day!
And lastly, Ephesus (and the charming Gullu Konaklari Hotel) was quite amazing as well, a perfect last stop to a special trip.
Each flight, hotel transfer, driver, guide, hotel was wonderful. We also very much appreciate all the upgrades and little treats at each hotel. (fun!) Thank you, thank you, Ufuk! Kudos to you and your staff. Please extend a heartfelt thank-you to all your staff who made this trip possible. Sincerely, Lori and Robert Kost

“I would like to acknowledge the good quality of service we have received from our guide Ibrahim Gürbüz. He was very dependable, creative, hard worker and above all a pleasant and knowledgeable person. Ibra have been our best choice all around.
We also would like to thank Matiana as an organization, and specially Özge, for prompt and satisfactory answers to our requests and for good professional practices in all interactions.
Next time we go to Turkey, you should be our travel agency of choice.
Best regards,
Marco Tulio Leite Rodrigues -


Dearest Tuna,
I keep waiting for the perfect time to have hours to write to you about the love and appreciation I have for the wondeful gift you have given our family. Our trip to Turkey was perfect. You touched all of our hearts with your expert planning and knowledge of what would make every aspect of being in Turkey a delight. Every member of our family felt moved by the care you had taken to provide an experience that seemed to understand who we are and what was important to us. We love you Tuna!
Mariana was especially dear to us when they gave us the third room in Sirence. (did we put Cem out on the street by doing that?). Lunches were a complete surprise- I expected them to be modest and they were spectacular! Our drivers and vehicles were superb. The tours were so special and we always felt like royalty with no line waitng etc.... And needless to say, no one in the group went home without a crush on Cem. Next time, and there will be a next time soon, you shall go with our motley crew- or at least let us host you in our homeland. (though our hospitality will pale in comparison).
Thank you for treating us like dear friends. You will always be one to us.
With gratitude and affection,
Marilyn Kallshian
April 2012


Hi Tuna,
We are about to board our plane back to Malaysia and I must say, we (especially my mother) are really sad to be leaving such a wonderful country filled with amazing people, especially the Matiana team. It has been literally the greatest vacation we've ever had. (And we've been on a lot in so many different countries!) We wish we could have stayed for a lot longer. We met Ilke, Ufuk, the tour guides, drivers and they were all polite, friendly and very efficient. Everytime we needed to go somewhere not included in the itinerary all we needed was to call your team and the driver would arrive in no longer than 15 minutes! We felt so attached your country and your people thanks to your very warm welcome and impeccable service. Although there was a minor problem regarding the names of the people for the domestic flight from Istanbul to Izmir, all was solved within 10 minutes. You have facilitated our travelling journey and made it a million times better than we had ever imagined! I couldn't possible imagine not having Matiana around. I have to personally thank Sercan Kaymakyemez, our tour guide in Cappadocia, for the best time we had in our whole 2 weeks of vacation in Turkey. The whole family got along with him so well, we even teared when we had to say goodbye. He was kind, polite, informative and very amusing. Send our regards to him and hope all is well with his wife and newborn baby. Cappadocia was definitely the highlight of our trip (much thanks to Sercan) - who would've thought a region of caves and rock formations could offer so much! When we got back to Istanbul we were pleasantly surprised and ecstatic to find out that we have been upgraded to the 3-bedroom Palace Suite in the Ciragan Kempinski hotel - the icing on the cake. We are definitely going to recommend Matiana to the people back home. My father will be recommending your wonderful team to the chairman of his company who is a Malaysian royalty. We will definitely be coming back again. See you next time!
Te ekk r ederiz!

Zafirah Zulkifli
April 2012




July 2011



Tuna; thoroughly enjoyed our stay in Turkey and want to commend you and Matiana Travel for your care in making outstanding recommendations and then putting them into action. Matiana is the best travel agency we have worked with. For example the guides provided in Ephesus and the Cappadocian region were superb, as were all hotels and drivers .
Thank you!

Jack Hansen
October 2011



Thank you so much for having taken such great care of us. My wife and I had an amazing time on our trip!!!. We will certainly recommend Matiana Travel to friends and family considering a trip tov Turkey.
Take care,

Hitesh Dayal
August 2011




We thoroughly enjoyed Turkey – fascinating country, wonderful place for tourists, very rich in history – my family and I had a great time. It was all very wonderfully arranged thanks to Matiana. Your arrangements were perfect, everything was very well taken care of and I thank all of you for that. Our guides was fabulous – very knowledgeable and very helpful.

Thank you and I will recommend Matiana to other friends that want to visit Turkey.!




July 2011


“Hello Ilke!

Now back in our country we want to express our appreciation for the careful attention we received on our trip to Turkey.

The whole tour was great and we want to highlight our congratulations to both Ezra (istanbul) and Sergio (Capadoccia) for their knowledge and passion for transmit the treasures of great culture.
Thank you!

Claudia Lázaro

July 2011”


Hi Mr. Ufuk,

Now that we have finished the Matiana portion of our Turkish tour - I wanted to give you my sincere thanks for all your help in organizing our travels. All the arrangements worked very well and we really love your beautiful country. Of course, I will recommend you to future friends who will visit Turkey.


June 2011


Dear Ufuk,

First of all, congratulations for your organization; I only heard praises from the other five and my brother, age 81, who was reluctant to such a trip is now prepared to do others. All the hotels were great; Ibrahim was a wonderful guide, and although the weather was a bit cold and rainy in Cappadocia, the visits were very interesting. Our driver Amra was great: he drives very well, was always on time in the right place, very careful for the comfort of all and took good care of the luggage Again very many thanks and if friends wish to visit Turkey we will recommend your agency. Bravo!

Best regards,

Jean-Louis Fabry

June 2011



Dear Ozlem,

I wanted to send you an email of thanks for the wonderful experience Matiana Travel created for us in your amazing country. Everything was executed flawlessly and we are very appreciative. All of your guides were knowledgeable and accommodated our special requests throughout our stay, especially Ramazan in Cappadocia and Yelise in Ephesus.

Thank you for the extraordinary memories that remain with us.

All the best to you.

With warmest regards,


March 2011


Mr. Ufuk,

We thank you for the excellent job during our travel to Istanbul/Izmir. The outstanding guides you selected (Neslie and Ender) made our time well used and their tips for shopping and dinning were great. The selected hotels were at a convenient short walk to shops, restaurants and so on and reached our expectations. If anyone asks me, I ll tell them to have Matiana s assistance while visiting Turkey! By now, goodbye I think we ll meet again very soon.

M rcia & Paulo Tominaga

December 2010



Dear Ufuk,
We wish to thank you and Matiana Travel for enabling our stay in Turkey to be so memorable. From the greeting at Cairo Airport to seeing us on to the bus at Antakya to travel to Aleppo, the organization and execution were excellent. Nothing was too much trouble for our drivers and guides. The accommodation was generally very good, food very good and we were not expected to start too early in the mornings. We would particularly like to thank our excellent driver, Ibrahim. He is such a good driver and always so considerate. A real gentleman. Yeliz, our first guide was very obliging and filled our minds with lots of information in addition to answering our many questions. She was delightful. Gonja was good fun and helpful. We thought Hakkim in Antalya, was especially good and we were sorry to only spend one day with him. Your office in Goreme easily changed our arrangements from a night in Konya to Antakya. It was so much easier than we expected that we have decided travelling with a driver is the way to go in future. Thank you again for all your work and could you please ensure the enclosed photos reach the subjects with a big thank you to them all.
Lym and Ken Fraser
December 2010


Dear Owner of Matiana Travels,

We are very pleased with our travel arrangement via your company. We have Ozlem to thank for this as she worked very speedily and effectively at a very tight deadline. In addition, the tour guides in Istanbul and Cappadocia, Belgin and Ramazan (I hope I have got the names correctly) were professional in their work, experienced and gave us very good insight into your country's rich culture, both past and present. The meals were delicious and choice of hotels were excellent. We did not know what to expect when we came but now that we have been there, we know that we will be back to explore other parts of Turkey.

As a testimony to your good service, I have spoken to Ozlem and am recommending a good friend of ours to your company. We hope you will take care of her as you did us.

All the best to you and your company.

Best Regards,

Mrs Arvind MathurAnyway

Novemver 2010


Dear Ozlem,

We had such a wonderful experience in Cappadocia, thanks to you and your colleagues. It was beyond our expectations. We have been telling our family and friends about it and of course sharing how delighted we are with Matiana services. Regards,

Sophia Bate

November 2010


Dear Ufuk,

Today is my last day in a few minutes I'm going to Istanbul to stay one more day and them I'm going to Rome and finally I'm going back to Rio.

t was a very nice trip, but Turkey was a special chapter in my trip! The little piece of the country (Istanbul + Capadocia) was enough to show me how is fascinating your people and culture. Here in Cappadocia we've a great time including the 1st Balloon's very peaceful in the's a little bit hard to describe in a few words. I met a lot of nice people here and for sure some of them will be present in mind for a long time and in my pictures for the rest of photo memory! Thanks a lot to help me in this trip!

The Museum Hotel is more then perfect.. it's a little piece of the paradise.. I  travelled for a long time, for my luck I'd opportunity to stay in some top hotels, but I can assure that's in one of my's very charming and the people .. specially in the restaurant are very polite and friendlily.. and of course very professional.. the Maitre has a very good energy and do the same with his team!

Thanks again I hope to see you in Rio some day!

PS: Ms Ozlem thanks for your support! The Dervishes was very nice!

Marcelo Portella
November 2010


Dear Mr. Ufuk,
Anyway I'm back from vacation. I'd like to thank you the attention and affection that my husband and I had of the entire staff of Matiana when our visit to Turkey. Everything was perfect on our stay. I'm sure we will make a good partnership going forward. Thanks again and see you soon.

Best Regards,

Lucia / Rodolpho

October 2010


Thank you for your offer of assistance. We had a wonderful time and will be sure to use Matiana on our next trip to Istanbul.

Jane and Mel

October 2010

Dear Ramazan,
I just arrived home from our wonderful trip through Greece and Turkey and wanted to drop you an email while the trip was still fresh in my memory. Our time in Cappadocia was outstanding thanks to your company and our guide, Ramazan. From the time we landed on Tuesday morning until the time we left Friday morning the efficiency of your company and the knowledge and helpfulness of Ramazan, made our trip a memorable one. Ramazan imparted his love of the area to us and made Cappadocia come alive.
Joy Licht
October 2010



Dear Ms. Mutlu,
My wife and I would like to start this email with the biggest TESEKKUR EDERIZ we can send to your company and to you personally for the attention and care in the delivery of the tour we contracted with your company. We specially want to thank you for making yourself available to us anytime ( day or night ) before and during the tour.

We had an absolutely fabulous time and the tour went without a hitch. We were specially pleased with our tour guide, Mr. Ibrahim and with our driver, Mr. Mikail (spelling?!). Sorry for not retaining their last names, however, we bonded so well during our trip that we were simply on a first name basis, just like old friends.

Our tour guide, was extremely knowledgeable, very tunned into our needs and wants and always informative with an extreme sense of humor and care. He loves his job and it shows. He is passionate, well informed, sensitive to every client need and extremely supportive. Mr. Ibrahim's English is impeccable and his delivery is very amusing, while very informative. He chose some outstanding local restaurants for our lunches and gave us excellent recommendations for dinner. Our only complaint is that we sample so many of the authentic dishes of Turkey that we gained some weight.

Our driver was polite, attentive and excellent driver with safety in mind at all times. He anticipated when and where he needed to pick us up during various parts of our tour and throughout the day, always attempted to park the vehicle in the shade and have it ready for us with air conditioning so that we can board it in comfort.

We are already missing being with both our tour guide and our driver.
While the tour composition and length, the sites visited, the restaurant selection and the food, the tour guide and driver were excellent and exceeded our expectation. We believe the hotel is in an excellent location and is in the process of becoming an excellent boutique hotel. We found the personnel to be very carrying, attentive to our needs and very prompt in fixing items needed to be fix or helping us with the various questions and requests. Thank you again for the room upgrade - we received a mini suite that had a terrace with a great view and all the space and comforts anyone may require.

Once again, our many thanks for an excellent vacation. We thank Matiana Travel and to you personally for an outstanding tour and excellent value. We will refer you and Matiana to all our relatives and friends, who may be interested in touring Turkey and specially Cappadocia region and would be glad to serve as reference.

Best wishes to you and all at Matiana Travel,
Cornell Teoman,

September 2010



Dear Ufuk,

If I never told you they had a fabulous time!! They liked everything you do so congratulations!!

Diane Myers, Universal Travel/American Express

September 2010


Dear Ozlem,

Thank you so much in helping to make this such a special trip.  The Museum Hotel exceeded our expectations.  The rooms were exceptional as was the staff.

My husband and son enjoyed the hot air balloon ride, it was the highlight of their trip. The Cappadocia Complete tour was very professionally done. Our guide was patient and knowledgeable and spent much more time with us than we had anticipated. The whirling dervishes were a unique experience, glad we had the opportunity to see them in such a beautiful setting. The car rental afforded us some freedom to explore this region on our own. I would not hesitate to recommend Matiana, specifically to utilize your service at the agency. You helped to make our trip most memorable.

Thanks again,

Randi Pellmar 

September 2010



Dear Ufuk,

I'm finally back home after a wonderful time in Europe. I need to say that we had a great experience in Turkey which is a beautiful country with very nice people. My husband and I enjoyed very much. Cem was exceptional and we had a nice day with him we were able to visit all the highlights and did a lot of things for one day! Thank you for your help and I m sure I'll recommend your services to my friends. Turkey is now very popular in Brazil.

Kind Regards,

Carolina Opice, International Products Manager / HSBC Global Asset Management

September 2010



Dear Ufuk,

From the bottom of all 4 Fretz's hearts, we'd like to thank you for organizing the best trip that our family has ever taken. Eric and I started bringing the girls traveling when they were little because we wanted them to see that our world is full of different people, different ideas and cultures, yet we are all the same. Turkey was the epitome of diversity of culture, geography, sophistication and tolerance. The people were so friendly and proud of their country. We had such a wonderful time.

Matiana Travel made the trip effortless and seamless. The drivers were great, the guides excellent. In Cappadocia, I could have listened to Ali for weeks - he was such a wealth of knowledge- an historian, linguist, and philosopher- it was like taking a university course. We all had a special love for Cem because he was so friendly, eager and knowledgable.

Your choice of hotels was impeccable- I am very choosy- and I am happy to say that we share the same taste in accommodation! The highlights were the Museum Hotel (of course), the Manastir Hotel (they were so friendly and hospitable and the pool in the courtyard was idyllic), and the charming place in Sirince.

I would have changed nothing (other than stay longer and see more parts of your country.....but that is for next time....and I promise there will be a next time). I passed on your name/email/website to others already, so hopefully more Canadians will be coming your way.

Best to you and everybody at Matiana.

Michele Fretz

September 2010


Hello Ilke,

I want to thank you and Ufuk for our wonderful family trip to Turkey.  The guides were wonderful, the history and ruins are amazing, the Turkish people were friendly and we loved the food.  We were fortunate to have found a wonderful Turkish folk music caf that we returned to the following night.  The musicians, the singer and the audience who danced Turkish folk dances were enchanting. Unfortunately, we did not have time to travel to other parts of the country.  Maybe next time. Regards,

Gail Auster

August 2010



Thank you so much for your help with our trip! We had a wonderful time and hope to return again.

Kind Regards,


August 2010


Omer and Ali,

Thank you much for your wonderful hospitality. Between you (Matiana Travel & Museum Hotel) and the Four Seasons we were able to see what a wonderful country you have, what brilliant, intelligent, hard working and kind people you have and how Turkey is poised for great success as the bridge between east and west


Lisa and Candace

July 2010


Ibrahim was our guide while in Cappadocia. To say the least, he was one of the most genuine, nicest and knowledgeable guide I have had in a long time. We learned a lot from him and our 3 year old son, Kai, was treated by Ibrahim almost like his own son, playing, and carrying him all around. To this day, he remembers Ibrahim and mentions him every time we talk about Turkey and our great time there. Thank you Ibrahim!

William, Nancy, Kai Gaultier

July 2010


Dear Ozlem, 
We would like to give you a feedback of Matiana's service, specifically our tourguide (Ibrahim) and the driver (captain - sorry we don't remember his name, but Ibrahim called him like that). 
We have already travelled some times with private tourguides, but this was by far the best tourguide we ever had. Ibrahim is very well prepared. He knows everything about the sights we visited, local habits, cultures and 100 other things we would never find on guidebooks. Besides that, he also knows how to entertain and please his clients. Always pleased to help and give instructions. (Not to mention his English is much better than ours). 
Captain (our driver) was also very kind, driving us safely all over Capadocia, inclusively picking us up for one day (off his working hours). 
We can't forget also to mention the Chef from Museum Hotel s Restaurant and his staff. They were very nice and made huge efforts to teach us some traditional ottoman recipes. The food came out perfectly and was the best farewell lunch we could ever have had. 
Finally, we also have to thank you for the great assistance you gave us. From the beginning to the last minute (we won't forget the Turkish delight). 
Matiana is a great travel agency because of all of you!!!!! 

Kind Regards, 
Andrea & Fabio Tichauer


Dear Matiana agency,

Last May 17th, 18th and 19th, we took advantage of the services provided by your agency in Cappadocia.

The team taking care of us was exceptional. We regret to ignore the name of the driver, he was very safe but not slow, obviously highly experimented. He had a real personality but was quite accommodating and flexible. He knew pretty well the region, made relevant proposals and accepted our specific wishes with perfect flexibility and good mood. The car was perfect.


Our guide, Ramazan Kacar, was the ideal guide we ever had. His culture was large and brilliant, but he did not insisted in giving explanations when we wanted to meditate silently, even for long periods. He sensed perfectly, without needing directions, what were our expectations, our mood, our desires. He made exactly the proposals adjusted to our wishes, but was not too directive and accepted with real pleasure our comments and directions. Our tours have been a complete success and delight because we were not stuck to a rigid program but allowed to introduce lots of variations accorded to our wishes. This allowed us in particular to evade crowds and tourist attractions loosing their charm and authenticity, and to focus on natural and human wonders as fascinating and much more touching.


Please accept this totally spontaneous comment, without any ulterior motive. You can make it public it if you wish, but please transmit our sincere thanks to the guide and driver who welcomed us so perfectly.


Best regards

Claude and Lucile CORNUAU



We'd like to thank you for all you did for us in Istanbul, for making the fabulous Cappadocia arrangements (booking our guide Ali, our stay at the Museum Hotel and the unforgettable balloon ride with the best pilot Lars), and for the helpful information you sent before we even arrived in Turkey. Your services were way beyond the call of duty - you made the city come alive for us in a very personal way. We especially appreciate how graciously you accommodated our minute-to-minute change of plans. We know this must have been a problem sometimes, but you never made us feel guilty! Thank you.

Julie Marshall


Dear Mr. Ali,

Now, we are back to Brazil again. Thank you so much for your attention and kindness to our group. You and your company are the best in Cappadocia. We hope see you soon.

Wilma e Andrea Turquino


Hi Mr. Ufuk,

Well finally we arrived in Brazil! Our group loved the trip especially Turkey. It was a great job!!!! You and your company are the best. Thank you very much for your style of doing the best for us. We hope came back to Turkey soon!!!

Best regards,

Andrea and Wilma Turquino


Dear Ozlem,

We arrived home safely! Just wanted to drop a quick note to thank you (again) for the wonderfully arranged trip and the fantastic memories we now have of Turkey. Of course , who can forget the many friends we made along the way too!

Avon Neo


Dear Ufuk,

We want to take the opportunity to thank Matiana travel for the fine job they did with our organized tours in both Cappadocia and Kusadasi. Special thanks to our tour guide Ramadan and the driver who were both wonderful, my husband Nishith and I cannot thank them enough, they were extremely well informed, courteous and helpful throughout making our trip very memorable indeed.

Thank you

Suman Bhattacharyya



Dear Ufuk,

Istanbul is an amazing city, but it was you, Ufuk, that made our visit unforgettable. We were only there for a couple of days and yet somehow you managed to send us home with so many invaluable experiences, interesting stories and rich impressions of the city. You made a great program for us, combining the famous touristic sites with a more personal tour of the city. When we booked a guide for our stay in Turkey, we were expecting a "tourist guide". You were so much more for us, perhaps something like a very 'enthusiastic, professional, devoted, local friend'. Perfect!

Anneke & Asher ALTMAN



Dear Ufuk,

Thank you for your follow-up note. We did indeed have a wonderful time in your beautiful country. It was truly a pleasure working with the Matiana team. From our first contact with you, we felt we had the best advice possible. Matiana made arrangements for us that resulted in a visit we will remember always.

We especially appreciated the ways the Matiana team went the extra mile in helping us. These kinds of help with the unanticipated challenges of travel are what set your team apart from most travel companies. We really appreciated it. For example, when we encountered complications with the visa documents of one of our party, it was enormously reassuring to have an immediate response from your team about our options for addressing those problems. We felt like we had a friend in our corner when we were half-way around the world and needed help.

The accommodations were superb and it was very helpful to have the benefit of your experience in choosing them. We loved the Museum Hotel. It was spectacular. It is one of the finest and most distinctive hotels we have ever visited. Your teams help with flights and airport transfers, including transportation on our tours, made travel very pleasant. It also allowed our 92 year old with mobility problems to get the most out of the trip, including the special cruise--another case of your team going the extra mile..

The guides on the Matiana team were extraordinarily well-informed and personable. It added immeasurably to our enjoyment to have such excellent sources of information and insight. Again, we felt that we had made new friends that we will long remember.

Please know that we would love to return to Turkey and be assured that we will definitely call on the Matiana team to assist us.

Best regards,

Margaret Dise, Mikol and Rebecca Dise and Susan Wisely



Dear Matiana Travel,

Thank you for the wonderful trip I've just completed in Turkey. Your Operations Manager Ufuk helped me with kind advice from the beginning. Thank you Ufuk for the interesting itinerary. I feel that in a short time I was able to get to know some people, your rich culture and proud heritage. Ufuk and Ali provided excellent guiding and deeply felt personal insights to everyday Turkish life. Mr. Tosun it was a great pleasure meeting you, and thank you for your patient guidance with choosing a carpet that will always remind me of the great times I've spent in your wonderful country.

Judit Mandi



Gaby and I can't thank you enough for all your planning and organization for our recent trip to Turkey. We surely got the most out of our 8 days in country. Starting with the wonderful hotels we stayed in, the sights we visited and the guides you provided made this trip very special. Based on your recommendation, I even took my first hot air balloon ride. Seeing the Cappadocia landscape from the air was amazing. Thanks for suggesting that.

We would not have seen so many wonderful historical places without your planning.

We would definitely recommend your services to others.

Thanks again for a great trip!

Rich Sulpizio


Dear Ufuk,

We are home again after our holiday. We've had a wonderful holiday in Turkey. We especially liked Cappadocia and Istanbul. We're sure we'll return to Cappadocia again. We want to thank you for your efforts to give us a wonderful holiday in Cappadocia. We really appreciated your phone call when we were sheltering in the thunder storm. Thank you again for your efforts regarding the gluten-free diet of my son. We found that the restaurants were very helpful.

I wish you all the best.

Kind regards,

Coby van Zaal



Dear Ufuk,

I should have written to you and Ibrahim to thank you very much for everything you did for us. It was one of my best vacations in my life. We loved the days in Istanbul and Cappadocia. We loved the Museum Hotel and made some friends in the neighborhood. I will be back soon, you can be sure of that.

Francisco Lima



Hello Ufuk
Hannah, Peter and Emily all say hello!!
Your excellent pre trip suggestions and customization allowed us to carefully coordinate and create a relevant and timely itinerary.
Traveling as a Dad with three inquisitive but of varied interests teenagers who have had passports since they were each six months old can be daunting at times.
You created the perfect daily mix of culture, religion, history, daily life, culinary delights and of course some shopping.
Your teaching through stories and anecdotes rather than mere fact telling made the history come alive for us and gave my kids a stronger basis of understanding.
You were a charismatic, knowledgeable, articulate and wonderful ambassador and guide of your country.
The Bozians


Dear Ufuk,

We really felt Matiana was so very professional, responded quickly to our correspondence via email and most of all - listened to our requests and supplied all the greatest guides one could hope for. The hotels were very satisfactory. The best was The Museum Hotel in Cappadocia which I found independently.

Lewis Clan


Dear Ufuk,

Overall a fantastic trip! We d love to return to Turkey, largely because Matiana Travel made our experience so pleasant. We would highly recommend Matiana Travel services to anyone planning on going to Turkey. Ufuk demonstrated great patience, attentiveness, and thoughtfulness during the planning of our trip especially with all our many changes. He made sure that our trip was everything we wanted and more.

Warmest regards,

Lloyd and Darcy Campbell


Dear Ufuk, here I am, at last, to thank you so much for the splendid organization of our tour. Your country is magnificent and people so proud and friendly! Our guide and driver where both very kind, professional and experienced and we could enjoy their good company and their useful help during our stay in Cappadocia, all what we visit was interesting, useful and perfectly adequate to our expected to our expectations you understood very well what we want to visit and see CONGRATULATIONS for your perfect job.

Luciana Florovanti


Awh Ibo!!!!! We miss you already! Thank you so much for giving us 150% all day everyday! This trip was truly, the best ever, largely do to all of your efforts and wonderful attitude! Don t ever change! We will never forget you or our wonderful experience there with you. I wish all the best for you.

MJ Day, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2009 Photo Shots Cappadocia



We traveled to Turkey in March 2009 with our 14 year old son. We wanted to experience the culture and history of Turkey during Spring Break. Matiana Travel put together an absolutely delightful and interesting tour for us. We experienced different types of hotels, the uniqueness of the culture, the wonderful history, and amazing topography. I would readily recommend Matiana Travel to anyone planning a tour of this beautiful country.

The Barker Family


I have been meaning to write to you and thank you for organizing such a tremendous holiday for us, but we enjoyed ourselves so much and came back in such a rested state that I have put a lot of things on a long to do it and just relaxed.

However our life is now returning to normal and we are catching up on our promises.
Firstly planning such a specialized holiday is very time consuming but with your expert help it was a very enjoyable one.

My wife Maire is an archaeologist and has a keen interest in Geology and so as a present for her special birthday I had the idea that a visit to Catalhoyuk, the oldest known city in the world be a fitting present and to find that it was so close to other great archaeological sites and the geology of Cappadocia, would be a great present.

We wonted an independent tour as there are no tours available that suited our needs and finding Matiana travel was a gift from the Gods.

You were very patient and helpful. It must have appeared strange to you that we kept changing our minds so often, we were so unsure of what we wanted. With your help it turned into one of the holidays of a lifetime.

Looking back there is only one thing that I would have organized differently, To have flown into Konya on day 1. instead of flying into Ankara, and visiting Geordon on the last day. That said it was great to see the fertile plain between Geordion and Konya.

You provided us with a great guide/driver in Ali. Such a helpful intelligent and knowledgeable guide we have rarely encountered. At ever stop he was able to strike up a rappore with the local caretakers and they gave us a guided tour which may magic with Ali's translation. 

He also surprised us when he brought us to the museum in Corum. It is a hidden treasure housed in a beautiful building.

We got to visit the archaeological sites in Gordion, Catalhoyuk, Kultepe+ Karum and Hatusa-Yazilkaya. See the wonder Cappadocia , stay in the best hotel room that we have ever been in in the Museum Hotel actually in a cave room with windows looking over the wonderful landscape that is Cappadocia. We celebrated our 35th wedding anniversary in the best honeymoon hotel room in the world. The food in the hotel was of the highest order.

Last night we saw a documentary on the television about the Hitites and their capital of Hattusas. It brought back memories of our visit and gave us a very warm feeling.

We hope to go back to Turkey in the next few years to visit the better known sites in the West. 

We consider ourselves to have been extremely lucky to have seen such a beautiful part of the world before it becomes better known and full of tourists.

Again thanks for all your help.

David and Maire


I hope everything went fine at the weeding day.
I make Ana's words my words and I would add that you really WOW us as you propose on your website. Matiana really made the difference in our trip!!!
We got very much positively surprised with Turkey and moreover to the organization of every detail of our trip. We could experience different facets of the country and I hope I can go back soon to find some others and without any doubt I will contact Matiana.
With such a nice experience, the least we can think, like Ana said, is to partner with you here and foment the business in this niche.
Attached please find the form completed.
Kind regards,



Should I begin this with my childhood song:  "Anne, ma soeur Anne, ne vois-tu rien venir?" It would be fitting, as I am looking forward to you helping us prepare our next Turkey chapter.
The survey envelope came back with us, because the guy at the Nena Hotel Desk would not take it, and our transfer drivers that day did not speak any English. It is a good thing because it forces me to keep in touch.

*Should you ever need someone in the US to give you a reference, please do not hesitate to contact me or Patty at anytime.

 *In the early 80s I was a Tour Operator, and we were really good.  The quality of your pre trip services and your attention to details were the best I encountered in the industry.  The best bar none.

*Our tickets for Bejart at the Ataturk Cultural Center in Istanbul could not have better if we had ordered ourselves.

*Your courteous approach to my demanding and exacting requests was met with grace and a helpful eye.

*Your knowledge of Turkey is primo.

*Ali, our guide was funny and helpful. We all enjoyed his company and would probably want to organize a tour of tour Ottoman era and Mosque and other purely Turkish historic sites, based on Ali being our guide.

*Our driver was excellent and patient. Too bad we did not know a rudiment of Turkish to communicate with him.

*Omer's brief review of carpet making and what to look for in acquiring a tapis or rug was so short. The man is so knowledgeable we wanted more, more and more time with him, and would have definitely drunk more tea just to learn.  Together we purchase a few rugs. Patty and I got 2.

*The first night at the Nena was special, really special. I want 2 of their plush towels.  And a permanent seat at the balcony to look at the Sultanahmet in the evening.

*The only hotel we found a tad bit too rustic was the hostel in Egirdir, but the view of the lake and an opportunity to watch the sun come up on the lake made up for the cold water shower.  Brrr.

*Still need the name of the village up the road and would appreciate Ali telling us via email.

*Overall you get a momo (my nickname) SUPERBE, MAGNIFIQUE.

Now on a few things not related to the survey.

*The hotel in Izmir is on our list of place to return to.  These ladies are absolutely graceful.

*The hotel in Bursa is on our return to list.

*Ilke was truly cute and helpful. Please tell him that I went to Ayan Ebru and purchased some natural pigments. Also tell him that his mother replied to my request and my response to her is my next email.  I will be coming to Antalya to study with her in the next year 2008.

*The food in the villages was unequalled.  We purchased seeds at the Spice Market to try growing the Turkish vegetables in our garden, particularly the tomatoes and the eggplants..  Unfortunately we cannot make yogurt like the one we purchased on the boat toward the last stop of the Bosphorus cruise.  

*I came to Turkey for: rugs, photography, and the fairy chimneys, I fell in love with the people and left too soon.

*Turkey is our 2010 vacation destination. Not sure you are interested, but when my photos are on flicker, I will send you a link. And I hope you are willing to help us with our next Turkey trip. Again, Merci d'avoir partag votre connaissance de la Turquie avec nous et surtout  merci  de votre galanterie. Sinc rement;

I can't thank you enough for the wonderful vacation you planned for us. You are definitely five star. You understood what we wanted almost as if you knew us. There was no pressure and it was a pleasure dealing with you.
We have wonderful memories of every destination. All of the hotels have a special flavor in their own way.
The Sultanhan was very hospitable; the staff could not do enough to keep us happy. We had a wonderful brunch there even though it was between hours; they fixed up a special meal with tea on our arrival. Our dinner there was exceptional. Food and service as well as ambiance was wonderful.
Kalkan was amazing, what a beautiful village. The sea was exceptional. Villa Mahal was definitely 5 stars. Beautiful room and grounds, great food, breathtaking views. It was a very relaxing place. Good way to start the vacation as we were very tired. We fully charged the batteries there.
Fethiye was another beautiful village, almost a city really. We loved the marina area as well as the sights and ruins we visited. Paradise Garden was warm, friendly and very accommodating. Grounds were beautiful and the view of Oludeniz was spectacular we felt as if we were guests at a relatives home.
They learned that we loved Latino music and prepared a special Latino theme evening of dancing starting at 9:30 PM at the pool bar. Music and much guest mingling proved to be a party till 4:00 AM!  Our first day there, the chef drove us to the Oludeniz lagoon and later picked us up. It was as if our uncle was taking us! Our last night we ate in Fethiye because we had shopping to do and were running late. We got back to Paradise Garden around midnight to find our friends waiting for us to have a night cap and mingle. Although we had not packed and were leaving early in the morning we stayed and of course got to sleep at 3:00 AM, but it was worth it. Robert was crowned "Eniste" in Fethiye!
Istanbul, my favorite city in the world never disappointed us. Ciragan Palace was excellent. The room was beautiful and it was hard to leave the terrace with the views of the Bosphorus. Beautiful ships, boats, sail boats, ferries all added to decorating the magnificent Strait. Our only disappointment was the Tugra restaurant. Food and service did not hold up to what it was 13 years ago. It seemed rushed and the taste of the food was not the excellent Turkish food we had had there.
The transfers you provided us with were always on time and professional, thank you.
Korfez was excellent.
Feriye restaurant was amazing. I went there 3 times with my aunt and niece; each night was more enchanting than the one before.
My only regret is that I did not get a chance to meet you. I was really rushed with visiting family I had not seen in 13 years.
Hopefully the next trip. I am attaching a picture taken in Kalkan (Trio Restaurant); we can sort of meet this way!
Thank You So Much. From beginning to end you and your staff were so pleasant to work with and you made possible a vacation that we will remember forever. It was perfect!
I'll keep the
Boutique Style reference, although I can't imagine anyone coming close to the experience we had with you.
Sag ol, we will keep in touch. Best regards to Ufuk and Ilke as well.
Fulya Ziegler


We returned to India last night.

I must thank you for your planning and assistance for our stay in Turkey. Everything went off well and we had a very enjoyable trip.

I must compliment you on your quick responses and attention to every detail and query. Both the tour leaders were very good, especially Fatih in Istanbul. Finally the itinerary and hotels worked out very well.

Thanks again


Thank you all very much for our recent trip to Turkey.  This was our second trip to Turkey within a year.  Our first trip was a general and wide ranging tour of a large area.  On this trip we went back to the areas we enjoyed the most. Those areas were Istanbul and Cappadocia.

All of our travel arrangements were executed on time and professionally. You did not miss any details.

Our guides were excellent.  We enjoyed Cem in Istanbul.  He was knowledgeable and fun to be with.  He took us shopping for some household items such as a Turkish double boiler tea pot on the street in Istanbul that sells tea pots to locals.  We can't buy that type of tea pot in the US and the online shops wanted three times as much.  Ali in Uchisar was excellent.  He is very "laid back" which was perfect for this trip where we were visiting the areas that we did not see on our first trip.  I particularly enjoyed the walk down the Ihlara valley. We wanted to obtain some kitchen items and Ali took us back to the pottery shop we went to last time in Avanos.  We compared prices before we left and found that we could purchase items hand crafted in Avanos for less that factory patterned in the US.

The hotels were very good.  The Museum Hotel was excellent again in both service and atmosphere.

We visited Omer and the Indigo Gallery. Omer is much more pleasant to deal with than the carpet dealers in the standard tourist stops.  The quality of the inventory is better as well. 

Our second trip was different in that we knew the country and the people a little better.  We knew what to expect.  We knew at least a few of the tourist scam vendors and avoided them.  Once again the best part of Turkey is the people.  Those who have ever traveled in Europe will be astounded to find a country where the people seem to actually want visitors.  I don't just mean those in the tourist industry, I mean the general population.

At the current time we are mapping out some ideas for our next trip which will most likely be to the Black Sea and eastern Turkey region.  We will spend some time doing research and when we have a general idea of what we want to do and when we will contact you again.

Thank you all

John and Karen Le Neve


Hope you are both doing well. I would like to thank you for helping me arrange a wonderful & a very memorable trip. It was nice meeting you.
Ali we had a wonderful time with you in Cappadocia, thank you for an entertaining tour & the interesting conversations that we had during our stay there. It was nice meeting you.
Thank you once again for making our trip very special and enjoyable.
Pinakin & Karishma


I would like to thank you very very much for your PERFECT organization!! Everything of our beautiful holiday in Istanbul has been absolutely perfect! The driver was very kind and polite; Mr. Ufuk  was very precise and very polite and the guide  was very well prepared and professional.

Should other of my friends decide to come to Istanbul, I will recommend them to contact you!! Thank you again for everything and many compliments for your professionalism!!!

Kind regards.

Laura Mucci


Words cannot describe the holiday that my mother and I had in Turkey. We both had a magnificent time and it was all thanks to you and your professionalism with putting the whole trip together which left us to enjoy a hassle free holiday. My favorite part of the trip was the cruise. The food was to die for and the staffs were amazing. Most importantly though; my mother had the holiday of a lifetime. I told her on our last night that I had bought the trip as a present for her and she was thrilled (and a bit cross that I had kept it from her). I wouldn't have changed a thing about the trip and return with NO complaints! I am indeed singing your praises. Thank you once again for a memorable journey through Turkey.

Kate Harrod


We just got home and we are still recovering from the long trip home. We can say without hesitation that our visit to Cappadocia was a wonderful and a most enjoyable experience. We were delighted with the style and comfort of our stay there. Our guide s knowledge about the area and all the information that he conveyed to us made for a very memorable trip. We were very pleased with both the driver and the guide. We thank you and your team for taking such good care of us. Many thanks again to all of you.
Best regards,

Lynn and Meir


The service provided by you and your colleagues at Matiana Travel and the Museum Hotel was exemplary. The highlight to our trip to Turkey was most definitely in the Cappadocia region. A special thanks to our guide and the tours organized by Matiana Travel, with your assistance. I will recommend your services to anyone who asks.
Best regards and happy holidays,

Adam  Schmidt


It does feel good to be home. However, my trip was extraordinarily successful. I loved Turkey. Cappadocia was a fascinating and unique experience. I think your services were perfect, exactly what I expected.  We were treated very well. If your guide and/or driver felt there was any problem, it was not in any way under their control. I was extremely tired on Thursday and suffering from a sudden allergy attack. If  I seemed less than enthusiastic about the day's activities, it was because of that and not anything else.

Emily Tannen


First I would like to thank you again for handling all of my requests so swiftly. I absolutely loved Istanbul!  It was such a wonderful trip and I feel like you are partly responsible for that.  I didn't even think to request a female guide and I thought it was extremely considerate of you to think of this. I had no real knowledge of Istanbul or Turkish history or architecture before this trip and I cannot believe how much I learned. Her English was amazing and she was so nice... I really felt like I was sightseeing with a friend! The trip was truly wonderful and I felt very safe and well looked after the entire time.  I will most definitely pass your name along to friends who are visiting Turkey because I felt you provided such a good service.  Many thanks again... I look forward to my next visit!

Tesekkur ederim, 

Kristina Sekula


I wanted to pass my traveling experience on to other travelers about the wonderful time we had under Matiana Travel s care while in Turkey. It was truly a special experience and it wouldn't have been possible without the Matiana team working so hard for us! Every person we came in contact with was friendly, professional and very helpful. They have an excellent network!

Joe De Lise


I wanted to say hello and thank you for all your help. We were very pleased with the whole arrangement- the hotels were nice, the service was excellent and we were happy to be in Turkey for a week.

Janet Nenkova


Thank you for arranging a lovely holiday for us we really appreciated it very much, We especially thank you for putting us into the lovely little hotels that we so like home, the people were so friendly and kind to us and pampered us to the extreme.

Mary Owen


Excellent service, great guides, wonderful hotels. The tailored itinerary was perfect, Matiana arranged for us to see everything we asked for. Definitely a wonderful experience.

Pam Harris

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