Sumela Monastery

Sumela is an ancient Greek Orthodox monastery in Trabzon Province. Located at a in attitude of 1200 meters from the sea level, the site is nestled into the high cliffs of Zigana Mountains in Altındere Valley(declared as a national park in 1987) and covered by a beautiful forest.
The monastery is one of the oldest and most important monasteries of Christianity in Anatolia especially for Orthodox sect. It’s considered as one of the primarily sacred places by Orthodox Christians. For that reason,this belief creates a huge potential for tourism. The  place is a very popular tourist attraction with its amazing valley scenery, surrounding green geographical nature and rocky mountains behind as well as for its cultural and religious significance.
The monastery dates back to the 4th century. During its long history, it fell into ruin several times and was restored by many Emperors. It became extremely popular up until the 19th century. The site was abandoned in 1923 and became a museum and a popular tourist attraction
The whole building houses several frescoes and wall paintings of superior quality. The beautiful frescoes remaining from the beginning of 18th century on the wallks of the monastery are biblical scenes telling the story of Jesus Christ and Virgin Mary. The influence of Turkish art can be observed as well in the design of the cupboards, niches and fireplace in the rooms sweeping the courtyard.
You will be amazed by gigantic rocks standing behind the monastery and dark-skinned figures which brings a magical appearance you will feel from the first step into the building.