Soğanlı Valley

Soğanlı Valleys in southern Cappadocia will be an amazing stop if you want to visit Cappadocian cave- churches and explore some off the beaten track. You will also witness real traditional Turkish village.
Settlements in this area took place in the Roman period. The stone conies on the slopes of the valley were used as graveyards by the Romans and later as churches by the Byzantine. The valley was continuously inhabited since the earliest days of the Christian area. The frescoes in the churches date back to the 9th and 13th Centuries.
The major churches in the Soğanli valley are Karabas (Black Headed Church), Yilanli (Church of the Serpent), Kubbeli (Domed Church) and St. Barbara Church. The decorations it it are mostly well-preserved. Some of the churches contain inscriptions giving the exact dates of construction.
Soganli Valley exemplifies the harmony between mankind and nature. Over the centuries, men carved shelters in the cliffs and rock cones of the valley. They also used rocks provided by nature to express their religious faith and devotion to God.