This remote section is the place where you will see the magestic fairy chimneys. Many sortes of fairy chimneys with multiple stems and caps can be noticed here. This style is totally unique to this area and you will be amazed by this natural wonder.
But moreover, this place is called as “Monk Valley” and there’s an interesting story behind..
St. Simeon was living in seclusion near Aleppo in the 5th Century when rumours that he created miracles had started to spread. Disturbed by all the over focus on him, he began tol ive at the top of a 2m high column, and later moved to one 15m height. He only descended after then for occasions to get the food and drink brought by his disciples.
Simeon Monks distanced themselves from the world by cutting into fairy chimneys rather than living on top of columns. They hollowed the chimneys from bottom to top to create rooms 10-15m high for hermitage..