balloon in cappadocia
cappadocia balloon

Hot Air Ballooning in Cappadocia

Cappadocia is most famous with its landscape, and tremendous views. Hot air balloon flight offers you to see these beauties from the sky. It is a unique experience and one of the most exciting ways to feel the magical atmosphere of the region.
Your journey starts very early in the morning because hot air balloons fly best in sunrise time. You will be picked up and meet with other balloon passengers (up to 12 in total) and then move to the area where the big balloons are blown by hot air. You will be witness to all the process how they blow the balloons etc.

Watching the sunrise in Cappadocia landscape will be a perfect wake-up as a daydream. This is one of the most exhilarating balloon trips in the world. Comfortable, quiet, and serene; this balloon adventure will give you the chance to peek the unbelievable scenery of the region.

You won’t feel that you are in a basket and flying with a hot air balloon. Basically, you will feel that you levitate just like in an astral travel. Winds will be your guide and lead you wherever it wants. You will feel like you are a holy-watcher who is watching the world from a different aspect.

Then, you will start recognizing the difference of the landscape appearance from the sky. Fairy chimneys, valleys, cave churches…. You will see how the power of nature continues to shape our world and you will be stunned by the view.