The ancient Amida, todays Diyarbakir is the largest city of South Eastern part of Turkey. City dates back to 10.000 years and through the history, many civilizations lived in there… Assyrians, Macedonians, Armenians and then three kingdoms, Romans, Byzantine and Ottoman Empires ruled in this city and today you can see their remnants in the city…

City surrounded by a great city walls counts as the second largest after Great walls of China. Built in 4th century by Roman King and through the history, it had repaired by Byzantine & Ottoman Empire…

Today, Diyarbakir is a cosmopolite city of Mesopotamia and hosting great monuments such as;
- City walls remains from 4th century
- Great Mosque remains from 11th century
- Dort Ayakli Minare – Remains from 16th century -
- Syriac Orthodox Church of Our Lady – Built in 1st century – re-constructed in 3rd century A.D.
- St. Giragos Armenian Church 16th century
- Dicle Bridge
- Archeological Museum