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» Istanbul Old Peninsula, Pamukkale, Ephesus, Mt. Nemrut, the Great Mosque of Divriği, Hattusa, Safranbolu, the Göreme Open Air Museum, Hierapolis, Troy, Xanthos and Letoon are all sites chosen as UNESCO World Heritage sites.
» Anatolia is the birthplace of historic legends, Homer (the poet), King Midas, Heredotus (the father of history), St. Paul the Apostle, and Santa Claus.
» The four bronze horses of San Marco Cathedral that welcome today’s guests in Venice were taken from Istanbul. 
» Taşköprü in Adana is the oldest bridge in the world still in use, dating back 347 A.D.
» The biggest open-air temple of the ancient world is located in Urfa–Göbekli Tepe.
» In the middle ages, Istanbul had more than 1,400 public toilets in the city—that’s 1,400 more than some palaces in France and other European countries!
» The first landscape picture of the world was discovered on the wall of a house in Çatalhöyük, depicting an erupting volcano (Mt. Hasan) in Neolithic times (6,500 BC).
» The first university in history was in Harran, Turkey.
» Istanbul, the queen of the cities, is the only city on the world to spread across 2 continents (Asia and Europe).
» The oldest human settlement known in Turkey is Çatal höyük (7th millennium BC).
» Hereke, near İzmit (Kocaeli), is one of the most famous places in the world for carpets, thanks to the quality of wool and silk.
» The first church erected by man is St. Peter’s Church in Antioch (Antakya).
» The Hittites sold Abraham the cave where he buried his wife, Sarah when the Israelites came to Palestine..
» The oldest sculpture in the world was found in Urfa, with remains dating back to the 13th century BC.
» The Kaşıkcı Diamond (86 carats) one of the greatest examples of the world and is exhibited in Topkapi Palace..
» Noah’s Ark landed on Mt. Ararat (Ağrı Dağı) in Eastern Turkey.
» The last meal on Noah’s Ark,  Aşure, is still served throughout Turkey on its special day.
» Tarsus is the birthplace of St. Paul the Apostle.
» Crystal flakes can seen with bare-eyes in Erzurum-Kars region
» The first Ecumenical Council of Christianity was held in Iznik, Turkey.
» Female goddesses dominated the central Anatolian pantheon for thousands of years before these supernatural powers were transformed to male gods. (the Amazons)
» Alexander the Great cut the intricate Gordian knot in the Phrygian capital, Gordion.
» Angora wool is derived from Ankara goats and rabbits.
» The most precious silk carpet in the world is in the Mevlana Museum in Konya.
» Central Anatolia was home to the capital cities of 3 major empires: the Hittite Empire in Hattusa, the Phrygian Empire of King Midas in Gordion, and the Seljuk Empire in Konya.
» The Million Stone in Sultanahmet Square, Istanbul was the zero point of the world once upon a time..
» Wine production started in Cappadocia region in 4,000 BCE.
» 3 of the 10 remaining mobile mosaic icons of the world and according to the belief of Orthodox, Jesus Christ's cross which he was crucified are in Greek Orthodox Patriarchate
» Sarcophagus of Alexander, First peace treatment of the world are exhibited in Istanbul Archeology Museum.
» Hagia Sophia was the biggest cathedral in the world for thousands years and still it is the 4th biggest one.
» First bridge of Bosphorus made by ships tied each other in Persian Invasion at 4th century BC.
» The world largest numbers of cave churches are in Cappadocia, many with in-situ frescos.
» The earliest domesticated wheat, Einkorn, can still be found growing wild in Cappadocia.
» Three of the greatest fathers of the Christian Church, Saint Basil, Saint Gregory of Nazianzus, and Saint Gregory of Nyssa, were all Cappadocians.
» Pottery has been making in Avanos for 10,000 years.
» The most famous Dragon Slayer, Saint George was born in Cappadocia and the crusades spread his fame to Europe on their way back to home.
» Cappadocia region has about 30 known underground cities that could safely hide 100,000 people in troubled times.
» St. Nicholas, also known as Santa Clause, was born in Demre, on Turkey's Mediterranean Coast.
» The best preserved Roman Theater is located in Aspendos , Antalya. 
» The House of Virgin Mary where she spent her last days, situated on the top of Bulbul dagi (Ephesus), is considered as a holy place for all religions.
» The famous Trojan Wars took place in Truva town.
» Ephesus and Halicarnassus - two of the most famous places of the ancient world - are both in Turkey.
» Seven Churches of Revelation are all in Aegean Region in Turkey (Ephesus, Sardis, Tyatira, Pergamon, Philadelphia, Smyrna, Collosae)
» The Color "Turquoise" comes from the clean see color on the Aegean Cost in Turkey.
» The world's greatest amphora and glass collection is in Bodrum Museum in Bodrum Castle.
» The House of Virgin Mary in Ephesus is visited by Pope the 6th Paul and Pope Jean Paul as well.
» Lydia which is one of the greatest civilizations lived in Anatolia has still got some remainings around Salihli (Sardis) and it's the first civilization which coined money.
» The philosopher Aristotle lived in Assos for three years.
» Julius Caesar proclaimed his celebrated words, “Veni, vidi, vici” (I came, I saw, I conquered) in North Anatolia when he defeated the Pontus, a formidable kingdom in the Black Sea region of Turkey.
» In the Black Sea region, there are more than 100 unnamed and 200 different endemic plants. 
» One of the first most accurate world maps were drawn by the well-known Turkish cartographer and navigator Piri Reis in 1513
» The first man ever to fly was Turkish. Using two wings, Hezarfen Ahmet Celebi flew from the Galata Tower over the Bosphorus to land in Uskudar in the 17th century.
» Sirkeci Train Station in Istanbul was the last stop of the Simplon-Orient Express "King of Trains and the Trains of Kings" between Paris and Istanbul from 1883 to 1977.
» Istanbul has the second oldest subway in the world, built in 1875. It's 573 meters long and located in Tunel neighborhood at Beyoglu district. London subway was built in 1863.
» Grand Bazaar is the biggest old covered bazaar in the world, with over 3.000 shops
» Agatha Christie wrote her famous novel "Murder on the Orient Express" at Pera Palas Hotel in Istanbul.
» Turkey’s southeastern province of Gaziantep has been added to the list in the gastronomy category of UNESCO’s Creative Cities Network.


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