Bursa is the fourth most populous city in northwestern Turkey. It’s also one of the most industrialized metropolitan centers in the country.
The city has a rich imperial past. It was the the first capital city of Ottoman Empire. The city was referred to as "Hüdavendigar" (meaning "God's Gift") in the Ottoman period. This is where the empire’s unique architectural style impressed partly by Persian and Byzantine models) was first developed.  The city has been a pole of attraction and a major center for refugees of many ethnic origins who immigrated to Anatolia from the Balkans after the loss of the Ottoman territories in Europe.

The city today is mostly famous for early Ottoman religious highlights, silk-filled bazaars, caravensarais and thermal spa baths and remains an important center of the Silk Trade.
The mausoleums of the early Ottoman sultans  and religious edifices built in the early Ottoman period constitute the city's main highlights. Those highlights are surrounded by fertile green areas, parks, gardens and vast forests.

Ulu Camii is the largest mosque in Bursa and a great example of early Ottoman architecture with its twenty domes supported by 12 columns. Ordered by Sultan Bayezid I, the mosque was designed and built in 1396–1400. If you’re interested in traditional architecture styling, you should also visit other examples of early Ottoman architecture such as Muradiye Mosque Complex, Green Mosque Complex and Emir Sultan Mosque.

Beautiful mosques are not the only interesting things to visit in Bursa. You should also visit Citadel (Hisar) which is the oldest part of the city with great stone walls for defense and traditional Ottoman Houses.

The city is also famous for traditional Turkish thermal bath. Bursa has warm mineral-rich springs; indeed most of the hotels in the province have thermal bath facilities. The Old Spring in Çekirge is the oldest in the province. Karamustafa Paşa Baths boast the best hot mineral water source. You may also prefer to enjoy a warm mineral thermal bath in your hotel before sleeping.

You should definitely experience a cable car ride to the top of Uludağ Mountain (the legendary Mount Olympus) which is a favorite center of winter sports and skiing. It is 36 kilometers distance from Bursa and easily accessible by car or cable-car. The area is also a national park and can be visited in any time of the year. The accommodation alternatives with high quality give you the opportunity to enjoy the mountain, with a variety of entertainment and winter sports.

Bursa is also home to some of the famous local Turkish dishes such as “iskender kebap”, specially candied “marron glacés”, peaches and “lokum”. Don’t pass your lunch without tasting İskender Kebap.

For souvenirs and shopping, you should visit the Old Silk Market in the Covered Bazaar. We generally leave this part to the end of the tour because it’s used the ferry to the hotel to make the transport easier.
Did you know?

Karagöz and Hacivat”  shadow play characters are historic personalities who lived and are buried in Bursa.